The Pain That Won’t Go Away

The Pain That Won't Go Away

Lower Back Pain

It seems like a scary word – sciatica! And for most people, it’s more than just scary. It can cause wretched pain in the body. People with sciatic pain in Kirkwood sometimes can’t even sit, stand or even walk or drive a car.

So how can one nerve cause so much pain? Maybe it’s because it is the longest nerve in the human body. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back all the way down the back of each leg. So when something puts pressure, on the nerve, it can cause severe pain that spreads to the hip, buttocks and leg.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica in Kirkwood MO

The purpose of a chiropractic treatment at Back to Wellness Chiropractic is to help the body heal itself based on the scientific principle that restricted spinal movement leads to pain while reducing function and performance.


The type of chiropractic therapy for sciatic nerve pain depends on the cause of the sciatica. It can be caused by age-related changes in the spine, excess body weight, occupations that require you to twist your back, carrying heavy loads, or people who are sedentary and sit for prolonged periods of time.


Depending on the cause of the sciatic pain, a chiropractor may use the following techniques to help alleviate the pain.

  • Cold therapy to restrict blood flow and reduce inflammation
  • Ultrasound to increase circulation and help reduce spasms and stiffness
  • Tens unit to stimulate muscles by sending comfortable impulses through the skin that helps reduce or block the pain that is transmitting through the nerve endings.
  • Adjustments/Manipulation to free restricted movement of the spine and restore misaligned vertebral bodies to their proper position which in return helps reduce the nerve irritability responsible for symptoms of sciatic pain.


There are things that you can do on a regular basis to help protect your back from recurring pain. Try exercising regularly, maintain proper posture, and use good body mechanics when you are lifting or twisting your back. Last but not least, schedule a regular chiropractic visit to Back to Wellness Chiropractic in Kirkwood to maintain good spinal health!


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